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With due credit to thecelt in whom I have confidence that he will recognize that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery! If it does nothing other than give some other wives or perhaps even some husbands out there something to think about, I guess the time and personal torture of writing and re-living all this will be worthwhile to someone.The idea for this story came to me after an on-line discussion with one of two very special cyber friends to whom I owe a great deal. Their willingness to share their own experiences and points of view, their criticisms and suggestions, but most of all, their constant encouragement, made this story possible. My name is Patti Forester and I'm married to Walt Forester, a man, a very, very good man, whom I have loved for a very long time and whom I still love a great deal.For the rest of the week he remained every bit as friendly, yet professional, as I had known him to be up to that invitation.I did notice however that Alice Buckley, a nice looking woman who worked in HR at our branch did join him in the lounge later that night while I was having a drink with some others, also from our branch.

I sometimes love to have Walt eat me out while I read a randy passage from a Lit story.

Two years ago he attended one of our training sessions in Chicago and as I normally would, I shared in a little harmless flirting during one of the meetings.

I was among the group that he hosted for dinner that evening and I thought he might have been flirting back.

To say that he's popular is a gross understatement!

People find it hard to believe that a man that powerful in the Company could be so friendly and down to earth and it is particularly so for many women as he is very handsome, athletic and, over all, sexy as hell.

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